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With the B-Smart system, you can ensure that your Badıllı spraying machine has a professional spraying system with precision agricultural technology. Thanks to this, you can both increase your spraying performance and minimize the cost of your spraying practice.

What is B-Smart Technology?

The B-Smart technology is the satellite-assisted spraying system offered by the Badıllı company. This system prevents overlap in your field with section control while leaving no unsprayed area in your field and it allows you to adjust the standard depending on the feed rate.

What components does the B-Smart technology include?

• Trimble Field-IQ spray control system (General Speed and Section Control)

• Trimble Field-IQ 12-section control system

• Trimble Field-IQ cabinet kit for GFX series screens

• Power cable and connection parts

What is the solution suggestion for farmers who do not have an automatic steering system or any satellite or screen on their tractor?

You need to request Trimble NAV500 satellite + GFX 350 screen or NAV900 satellite + GFX 750 screen from Badıllı dealers in addition to the B-Smart system. With the satellite and the screen you choose, you do not need to pay a subscription fee and a license fee for 1 year.

How do you obtain the B-Smart technology?

You can obtain this system from Badıllı dealers at home and abroad.

Can agricultural credit be granted for a Badıllı brand spraying machine with the B-Smart system?

Of course. You can include your purchases of spraying machine with B-Smart system in the agricultural credit, as in Badıllı branded spraying machines

What are the most important benefits of the B-Smart technology?

It reduces pesticide consumption and thus water consumption, Your spraying efficiency and performance increase,
Your working time is shortened and your fuel consumption is reduced,

To which types of spraying machines can the B-Smart technology be adapted?

B-Smart technology can be adapted to both mounted and pull-type spraying machines.